On 03/24/2010 12:40 PM, Andy Theyers wrote:
> Hi there
> I am wondering if anyone can help me, or point me in at a good resource 
> that might guide me...
> We've got a Plone site that's just gone into production that is throwing 
> ConflictErrors on simple pages (the login form, the Plone 
> ReferenceBrowser widget popup).  Sometimes we see it throw them on 
> requests images from the skins folder.
> While the vast majority of them get resolved some do not.
> Is there a likely cause for these, and is there anywhere I should be 
> looking in particular to try and stop them happening.
> My assumption has always been that I shouldn't be seeing ConflictErrors 
> on things that don't change, hence my concern in this instance.

Depends a lot on your Plone and the specific software. It sounds like
you're running something that turns read-requests into write-requests
which is a bad idea.

I remember old Plone version to have issues with that. The Plone people
have figured this out in general and there's probably nothing wrong with
the ZODB in your case. I suggest asking some Plone people directly.


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