We have two servers with Plone that point to the same database [Postgres 8]
so that if one fails the other working.

The problem is that at least once a day left to answer my Plone few minutes
(it is in white or takes a long to respond)
and cause apache send Proxy Error, this is solved but it is only annoying
for we users to wait 5 to 10 minutes not counting the lack of availability
of the page.

We find that when it fails, PostgreSQL maintains a connection and keeps a
long time as "in transaction" and after about 10 minutes this connection
automatically terminates. this causes plone fail,at least 10 minutes

The solution restart plone or kill the process as follows

postgres 23267  0.0  0.1 2172016 7768 ?        S    10:17   0:00 postgres:
ploneadmin plonetesting idle in transaction
kill -15 23267

We have
2 Servers  with Apache/Plone
Ram           4 Gigas
RedHat        5.4
Apache        2.2.3
Plone         3.3.4

1 Server with Postgres
Ram           4 Gigas
RedHat        5.4
Postgres      8.1.18


-- Conexion DB
        blob-dir var/blobs
            dsn dbname='plone' user='admin' host=''

Recently modify these parameters in both servers and now it takes about 3
days to fail.

        blob-dir var/blobs
        cache-local-mb 512
        cache-prefix prod
        cache-delta-size-limit 5000
        commit-lock-timeout 10
        poll-interval 60
        pack-dry-run true
        pack-batch-timeout 8
        pack-duty-cycle 0.3
        pack-max-delay 30

We do not know if the problem is plone, postgres or network
I hope someone can advise something.

thanks in advance.
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