ZODB includes a script named mkzeoinstance that tries to create
a somewhat self-contained ZEO server installation.

It only works when ZODB and its dependencies are installed in
in the standard Python path (typically site-packages).

It only works on unix-like systems.

It has no tests.

This is an example of an unsupported feature.  It probably needs to be
heavily documented as such.  If someone wants a project, it would be
nice to give mkzeoinstance the love it needs.

If no one is going to support this properly, I'd rather just drop it.
I do think mkzeoinstance has some potential value, so I'd prefer to
see someone maintain it.  I don't think it would take *that* much
effort to whip it into shape, but I have too many other commitments to
take this on myself. I can offer some suggestions is someone picks it

Another option would be to move it to a separate project that depends
on ZEO/ZODB.  At least then, I wouldn't be responsible for not
maintaining it. :)

Thoughts? Volunteers?


Jim Fulton
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