Jim Fulton wrote:
>>> I plan to implement A soon if there are no objections.
>>> Unless someone somehow convinced me to do D, I'll also add an
>>> assertion in the Transaction.join method to raise an error if a
>>> data manager joins more than once.
>> Option A sounds sensible. It also means I won't have to change
>> anything in the zope.sqlalchemy data manager.
> Very cool. I was hoping non-ZODB-data-manager authors
> were paying attention. :)
> If anyone knows of any other, I would appreciate someone forwarding
> this thread to them.

zope.sendmail and MaildropHost have data managers.
I've seen some file-based things that was a data manager and a few 
others in people's BFG stacks, maybe they can pipe up and/or let the 
others of those wsgi components know.

I'm also likely about to write one, but I'm dumb, so can't comment 
meaningfully on the options ;-)


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