Thanks for your answer Laurence.

Am 16.06.2010, 19:23 Uhr, schrieb Laurence Rowe <>:

> It really depends on what you are trying to achieve.
> The simplest solution would probably be to use a geohash string within
> an OOBTree.

I need spatial indexing/querying for paging large 3d worlds in and out  
 from disk. This means I have lots of generic python objects - each with a  
bounding as the "key" - in the spatial tree. Queries are: "Which objects  
are in the given query box?".

I think geohash provides mainly supports for point data so it does not  
suit bounding queries.

> If you need a full geospatial solution, postgis is featureful and easy
> to use, and simple to integrate transactionally with ZODB.

It seems postgis is a PostgresQL extension. This means I have to maintain  
a postgresql server just for the geo data. Method 3b) in my original  
posting seems to be less work and I have direct integration with the ZODB.

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