Unfortunately we could not get a 501c3 organization to accept
donations for the project in a timely manner.  Enfold Systems has
wired up is paypal account and will take donations on behalf of the
ZODB book.  Once we get the 2k in donations; we will transfer the
money to Carlos and the writing will begin.

Carlos is expected to have a revised draft of material to be covered
by Monday evening.

If you are interested in contributing some writing / materials around
ZODB.  Please let me know.  I can give anyone contributor access to
the ZODB Docs blog so that interested parties can post recipes, howtos
and thoughts around the ZODB.  Carlos is open to have any submissions
be integrated into the upcoming ZODB Docs book!

We are open for business.  Please contribute.

For more information about ZODB, see the ZODB Wiki:

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