Although I think this sounds like an optimal solution, I think it isn't 
necessary. I wish only that there was a "complements" in ZODB wiki with a 
simple list of best of breed package for each task and maybe a list of 
alternatives. To make it even better a good "deprecated" section would be good 
so you don't need to look at old packages trying to figure out if they are the 
new thing that is not on the wiki or the so-old-that-no-one-uses thing. This 
would be a great start.

On Jun 28, 2010, at 12:52 PM, Alan Runyan wrote:

> I have similar feelings as Matthias.
> My thoughts:
>  - Have a canonical namespace which denotes quality, proven,
> and widely used packages.  Packages should never be in this
> namespace unless the package can meet some quality level.
> The namespace could be, zodb.
>  - We could use something similar to the Apache incubation process.
>  - We should come up with a list of criteria which we want this
> complete package to achieve. I believe everyone feels that the
> Standalone ZODB package is simply not enough to build a sophisticated
> Real World application.  So we need to outline  what are the min. features
> of such an aggregation.
> This is a huge project.  So I completely understand the hesitation to
> invest into something so daunting.  Maybe the beginning is to blog and
> talk about the packages that DO work and get confirmation that the
> authors are still interested in maintaining these packages.
>> I'm sure the ZODB documentation project
>> ( would gladly accept a contribution
>> towards clarifying what current best practice is for catalogs in ZODB.
> Yes.  If you are interested in sharing what packages you are using in
> production.  Let me know.  I will give you access and you can post blog
> entries on zodbdocs.  No one has taken me up on the offer.  I would really
> like to see others contribute with their ZODB experiences.
> Preferably talking about direct experiences with packaging instead of talking
> about the LACK of packaging on the blog would be good ;)
> cheers
> alan
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