On 06/28/2010 04:44 AM, Nitro wrote:
> I do not like the current packaging approach as I discussed in length in a
> recent message to this list [1]. Until this changes I am not going to
> spend time creating random packages.

Around here, Python packages are how we communicate code.  Think of a 
released package as a well-refined email.  If you choose not to release 
packages, you are really choosing not to communicate through the 
established channels, so many people will not hear you.  If you want the 
largest possible audience to hear you, you should release packages, just 
like you should use version control and bug trackers.

The packaging system works a lot better than you think it does.  You owe 
it to yourself to learn Buildout, which solves the package versioning 
problem you ran into.  In my experience, the ecosystem of packages we 
have now is actually a good deal better than the Python standard library.

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