Hello all,

I am currently trying to devise a way to index and retrieve some 
millions of objects according to their modification date/time. One of 
the problems I'm facing is that of index "granularity": I'd like to 
provide "to the second" granularity, but for that I need some structure 
that lets me do that. So, the options I see are:
  - A timestamp-based BTree index - looks highly inefficient, as there 
will be many entries with only one element (probably almost all of 
them), and querying by range will be a nightmare (correct me if I'm 
wrong, please);
- Checking the timestamp for every object and comparing it with the 
provided range (even worse);

Maybe there is some other way to do it? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,



José Pedro Ferreira

Indico Team


CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

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