On 19.07.2010 17:34, Jim Fulton wrote:
>>>>> I advise against serving more than one storage per server.
>>>> Why?
>>> Because Python programs can't use much more than 1 CPU and multiple
>>> storage servers in the same process will be slower than in separate
>>> processes, assuming the machine has multiple cores.
>> On Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 11:26 AM, Andreas Jung <li...@zopyx.com> wrote:
>> Sure but I am not aware of serious performance problems related to this
>> reason on large scale installations with heavy read and write operations.
> I am.

We are also not aware of serious performance problems at the server side.
Nonetheless, the configuration allows more than one storage per zeo server
and there is still the problem that no error message occurs in the zeo
server log when the file descriptor limit is reached.


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