I'm not sure this is the right place to post this, but I did not find 
any dedicated list for the book, and for such a probably useless 
suggestion, I felt this is more volatile than an issue at github.

The suggestion is to (provisionally) publish the zodb book built as html 
as github pages [1]. If this sounds like an stupid idea, don't keep 
reading :)

The procedure would be something like this:

  * clone the book repository;
  * git ignore _build, and mkdir -p _build/html
  * clone the book (again) whithin (the still empty) _build/html
  * follow the instructions in [1] to make in _build/html an empty 
gh-pages branch of the repository
  * make html in the first clone of the book, which will populate the 
new gh-pages branch in _build/html

Now, there's an issue in github pages with the _static directory that 
sphinx makes, which can be solved by mkdir'ing a "static" directory in 
in _build/html and using a script such as what follows to commit and 
push the html book to github:


cp -R _static/* static/
find . -name '*.html' -exec sed -i 's/\<_static\>/static/g' {} \;
find . -name '*.html' -exec git add {} \;
git add static/*
git commit -m 'updated docs'
git push origin gh-pages

An example of the result of this procedre can be seen at [2]. There may 
be more issues, (for example, search does not work atm in [2], but 
without having looked at why, I feel it should be easily solvable).

1.- http://pages.github.com/
2.- http://enriquepablo.github.com/nlproject/

Best regards,

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