> We're currently deploying plone with zrs which replicates to read-only
> databases which is what actually gets served to the user. It works
> fine in most cases, but there seem to be odd issues here and there
> where plone will try to write to the database and will throw an error
> on the page load.

We have read only Plone's in production and this works fine.
Please enumerate the problems on a plone ticket, dev.plone.org
(mention your py, zope, plone versions).

> Is there anyway to get it to not error out and not simply silently not
> write to the database?

It would be much safer to fix Zope/Plone application than to monkey
around with silently working around the readonly aspects of the
database. especially since you are already putting the database
into a readonly mode.

again, we are doing this fine in production.  so it must be something
in your application causing writes.

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