After nearly a year of testing and refinement, RelStorage 1.4.0 is 
finally finished.  Thanks to the various companies and individuals who 
contributed, I think this is the best-tested release yet.  For anyone 
who has not been following along, here are some of the new features in 
RelStorage 1.4:

- You can now choose not to keep old revisions of objects, making 
RelStorage more appropriate for storing session data.

- The memcached integration is now more effective at getting cache hits. 
  Also, there is now a small in-process cache for sharing pickles 
between threads.

- It is now compatible with ZODB 3.10, which is to be released soon.

- RelStorage now uses bulk SQL operations to minimize the number of 
round trips to the database.

- Special cases occurring in replicated databases are now detected and 
handled properly.

- The code has been reorganized to make it easier to keep all the 
supported databases working equally well.

I recommend this release to all new users and to users of version 1.2.0, 
the previous stable release.


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