After recently moving a medium-sized customer project from Zope 2.9.8 to 
Zope 2.12.7 sitting on ZODB 3.9.6 by way of zeoraid b7, I'm now seeing 
some fairly weird and bad behaviour that we didn't have before.

So, everything was fine after the migration. However, today I turned on 
a batch job which pumps content into the storage.

This appears to be *much* slower than on Zope 2.9.8 (with its included 
ZODB release) and also appears to cause the web clients to be slow 
enough when its running that they start dropping out of the load 
balancer pool.

How can I debug what's going on? Is there any way to get diagnostics out 
of a 3.9.6 zeo server to find out what it's up to?



PS: If it helps, it looks like the zeoraid process is using an order of 
magnitude more cpu than the zeo process, according to top, but even 
that's only 30% of the CPU load...

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