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> Hi All,
> What do the following error message mean:
> ------
> 2010-10-12T17:05:58 INFO ZEO.StorageServer (24471/
> Transaction blocked waiting for storage. Clients waiting: 3.
> ------
> 2010-10-12T17:07:16 INFO ZEO.StorageServer (24471/
> Blocked transaction restarted.  Clients waiting: 2
> ...and would ZODB 3.10 help fix them?

These aren't error messages. You can tell because they say "INFO".

A ZEO storage server only commits one transaction at a time.  When a
client is ready to commit a transaction, and another client is already
committing one, the first client is "blocked" and has to wait. These
messages tell you about the status of blocked transactions.

ZODB 3.10 is far less chatty on this topic.


Jim Fulton
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