On 14/10/2010 17:13, Alan Runyan wrote:
>>> I went for the following in the end:
>>> ...
>>>       cache-size 200Mb
>>>       client     app
>>>       wait       on
>>>     </zeoclient>
>>>     mount-point /
>>>     cache-size       50000
>>>     cache-size-bytes 500Mb
>>> Any obvious issues with that?
>> No.
> each zeoclient needs a name in your conf.

That's what the 'client' parameter provides, and there's only one client 
per machine.

These clients do open two storages, but the storage name forms part of 
the cache file name.

> so the .zec files dont collide.  this is what is happening
> to you.  look at component.xml again for details on assigning zeo
> client a name or identifier.

See above ;-)

> please open issue at launchpad; if this fails zope should NOT start.

Sure, which tracker do you recommend?


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