On 10/26/2010 04:04 AM, Anton Stonor wrote:
> In order to scale an application using RelStorage I was thinking about
> seperating reads and writes accross databases. Writes would go to a
> Mysql master and the app would read from one or more Mysql slaves.

If you mean that you intend to set up some clients to write to a master 
database, while other clients only read from asynchronous replicas, then 
yes, you'll be in good shape.  You should be able to get amazing 
scalability that way.

> It looks like RelStorage already keeps seperate connections for read and
> write (even though they are not exposed through configuration), so it is
> probably easy to set up.
> Would it work or is there a risk of getting inconsistent data? Or is
> that entirely up to the ability of doing synchronous replication of the
> underlying database?

These questions make me wonder if you're thinking of something more 
complicated than the plan I described above.

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