Hello all,

I need to store a sequence of records inside a BTree (or any other 
structure that supports ranges), ordered by time of execution. My first 
approach was to simply use an IOBTree where values are sets (as most 
probably there will be some entries with the same timestamp, as the 
resolution will be limited). However, I would like the values inside the 
sets themselves to be ordered. So, I thought of using CompositeQueues 
(zc.queue) as values, instead of sets. However, I made some tests and 
its seems that CompositeQueues are more prone to conflicts than OOSets. 
I would like to avoid conflicts as much as possible, as this structure 
will be accessed very frequently from different ZEO clients.
Can anybody think of a better solution for this?

Thanks in advance,
Best regards,

Pedro Ferreira


José Pedro Ferreira

Indico Team


CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

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