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MO> Hi,

MO> I would like to create an automatic test to check that Plone add-ons
MO> install and uninstall cleanly. There has been problems that after the
MO> add-on has been uninstalled, there are persistent objects based on the
MO> add-on packages left around. If this happens you cannot import or
MO> export the site anymore.

MO> I would like to walk through all persistent objects contained inside a
MO> site, or emulate import/export functionality to see if this happens or
MO> not. Since I cannot actually unload Python eggs from the memory easily
MO> (is this assumption correct?) I can just check pickled objects by
MO> their dotted name and see if they are in blacklisted packages.

MO> Are there any ready Python recipes or example code where I should start?

MO> The question is also open here:

zodbupdate comes to my mind.
It will find ALL objects which can't be loaded.

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