> I have read that there is a problem to implement MS-SQL adapter for
> Relstorage because the “Two phase commit” feature is not exposed by
> MS-SQL server .

unsure about that. probably depends on the client access library.

> Is there solution to overcome this problem, Without introducing too many
> layers?
> Can we use PyMSSQL and ADODB Python extension to implement the
> relstorage Adapter for MS-SQL.

i recently had a discussion with some guys about this. i am unsure what
their analysis was.  but my opinion:
  - adodbapi is not good.
  - pymssql i've not used
  - pyodbc we used but it doesnt support storedprocs. works ok.
  - mxodbc we use and highly recommend.

yes mxodbc costs money but you have support.  i spoke with shane
about this in the past about which library would he probably use if
he were to support mssqlserver and his unresearched/not definitive
answer was mxodbc.  mainly because its supported and has been
in production usage for almost a decade.

> Has any one tried this before?


> Are there any other major concerns you would have for developing MS-SQL
> adapter component?

shane would be best to answer this.

> Please point us in right direction on the subject.

many of our customers use mssqlserver; we would be very interested in
the outcome.  so please keep the zodb mailing list up-to-date with your

my suggestion: use mxodbc.  involve shane so he can fold it into the main
relstorage line in the future.  maybe even budget some money to pay him
so he has interest in the outcome of the mssql/odbc adapter for relstorage.

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