Hi all

I'm using relstorage for a long time with very good results.  Until know, I
also use database adapters like ZPsycopgDA to connect the same SQL database
and store information in other application tables.   I was thinking to
create a Relstorage Database Adapter able to do the work using relstorage
configuration and connections.   Some preliminary simple tests seems to

def execute_query(conn, cursor, *args, **kw):
    query = kw['query']
    return cursor

query = 'SELECT COUNT(*) FROM kmkey_task'
rows = app._p_jar._storage._with_store(execute_query, query=query)
print rows.fetchone()

The question is, can I go on ?  Or use same connections than relstorage
could cause problems at ZODB level ?

Thanks in advance
Santi Camps
KMKey hacker (http://www.kmkey.com)
Earcon S.L. (http://www.earcon.com)
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