Hi Folks,

We have a Plone (3.3.2) infrastructure currently residing on ZEO (ZODB).
We are looking to swap some of the databases to a RelStorage backed DB
instead (Oracle RAC). We have been running the RelStorage (1.4.1)
connection to the RAC without error for a while now for storing some
metadata and other data structures (general Zope stuff, not Plone
specific). We have added a new schema to our Oracle RAC database and mount
point inside Zope, attempted to add a Plone site, and get the following
error. If everything else remains the same, but the ZODB Mount in the
zope.conf gets pointed back to a regular ZEO/ZODB, it works fine:

2010-12-03T10:31:14 ERROR Zope.SiteErrorLog 1291325474.290.650785606429
Traceback (innermost last):
  Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 119, in publish
  Module ZPublisher.mapply, line 88, in mapply
  Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 42, in call_object
  Module Products.CMFPlone.factory, line 86, in addPloneSite
  Module Products.GenericSetup.tool, line 390, in
   - __traceback_info__: profile-Products.CMFPlone:plone
  Module Products.GenericSetup.tool, line 1179, in _runImportStepsFromContext
  Module Products.GenericSetup.tool, line 1090, in _doRunImportStep
   - __traceback_info__: content
  Module Products.CMFCore.exportimport.content, line 37, in
  Module Products.CMFCore.exportimport.content, line 166, in import_
  Module Products.CMFCore.exportimport.content, line 185, in _makeInstance
  Module Products.CMFCore.TypesTool, line 716, in constructContent
  Module Products.CMFCore.TypesTool, line 278, in constructInstance
  Module Products.CMFCore.TypesTool, line 290, in _finishConstruction
  Module Products.CMFCore.CMFCatalogAware, line 148, in notifyWorkflowCreated
  Module Products.CMFCore.WorkflowTool, line 292, in notifyCreated
  Module Products.CMFCore.WorkflowTool, line 642, in
  Module Products.Archetypes.CatalogMultiplex, line 66, in
  Module Products.ZCatalog.CatalogBrains, line 52, in _unrestrictedGetObject
  Module OFS.Traversable, line 175, in unrestrictedTraverse
   - __traceback_info__: (['Members', 'site'], '')
IndexError: string index out of range

Any thoughts on why RelStorage usage might cause this?

Darryl Dixon
Winterhouse Consulting Ltd
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