On 12/08/2010 02:26 PM, Dylan Jay wrote:
> I was working with a high volume site recently where 70% of requests
> called a back end API that could take up to 4sec. For better or worse
> this was in zope. The best solution to scaling this was to increase
> the number of threads since this process was now IO bound. You do run
> out of memory when you do this so this solution would have been
> helpful. If a shared cache between processes were possible, such as
> using memcached, that would be even better :)

That is already possible: just use RelStorage with memcached and set 
your ZODB cache size to zero or something small.  However, large ZODB 
applications typically depend on a large number of persistent objects to 
respond to even the simplest requests, so you would have to optimize the 
application to load as few objects as possible.

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