On 09/12/2010 12:25, Axel Gerke wrote:
> I'm Axel Gerke, yet another zope developer. My question is: Under what 
> circumstances will the Data.fs.index be touched (i.e. its timestamp changes)?
> After consulting Andreas Jung, he can only remember, the file will be only 
> touched @ startup or shutdown. But we see that the file's timestamp changed 
> at runtime.
> Can someone tell me at which operations the Data.fs.index will be touched?

I would also like to know. I've had cases where Data.fs.index hasn't 
been touched in several days (the modified time stamp shows a date 
several days ago), on sites that are very active (in other words, its 
unlikely that nothing changed). If I then restart the zeo, I find that 
it takes a very long time, perhaps because it needs to reindex.

I usually delete the old .index file (which appears to be stale) so that 
it can create a new one. Something happens and the zeo server stops 
writing to Data.fs.index. Unfortunately this very vague description is 
all I have right now, I've done no deeper investigation yet.

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