Le 31/12/10 02:02, Godefroid Chapelle a écrit :
> Hi,
> I have been fighting all day to understand a bug with the unregistration
> of a utility from a local site.
> After unregistration, some instance is left in the _subscribers list of
> the utilities AdapterRegistry in my local site.
> This avoids me to remove the code as it does leave a broken object.
> I have come to the conclusion that the code that first registered the
> utility is the culprit : the utility itself is not persistent.
> It seems that the utility instance is unserialized at least two times
> during unregistration, which leads (if I understand well) to two
> different objects in memory.
> This breaks the unsubscription algorithm that is based on object identity.
> I naively tried to introduce the Persistent base class into the utility
> calss. When I try to access the utility instance again, I get the error
> mentioned in the subject of this mail :
> TypeError: ('object.__new__(SyncedLanguages) is not safe, use
> Persistence.Persistent.__new__()',<function _reconstructor at
> 0x1004297d0>, (<class
> 'Products.LinguaPlone.vocabulary.SyncedLanguages'>,<type 'object'>, None))
> If I understand well, the a posteriori introduction of Persistent cannot
> happen alone.
> Can anyone tell me what I should do add to the class I try to make it
> actually persistent ?

Let's try to make an understandable question :

Can anyone tell me what I should add to the class to make it actually 
persistent, while making the old instances unserializable ?

> PS: It is late here, I hope I have not told too many silly things

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