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On 01/25/2011 12:19 PM, Vincent Pelletier wrote:
> Hi.
> In publish.py[1], unwrapMethod tried to find what can be used to publish an 
> object. In a site, I had someone create a very-badly-named "func_code" 
> external method in a place accessible by acquisition from every page on the 
> site (this bad by itself, and I corrected it already). This caused 
> unwrapMethod to think it can use any object directly for publishing, because 
> of:
>         elif getattr(unwrapped, 'func_code', None) is not None:
>             break
> and "unwrapped" is still in an acquisition context.
> Shouldn't the checks be done on unwrapped (from acquisition context) objects 
> instead, to prevent such stupid mistake to have such a wide impact.
> I have the intuition that this could even be a security problem, allowing an 
> unexpected object to be called instead of another, but I cannot come out with 
> an example.
> Do you think there is anything to fix in zope.publisher ? If so, I'll open a 
> bug.
> [1] 
> http://svn.zope.org/zope.publisher/trunk/src/zope/publisher/publish.py?view=markup

The 'zope.publisher' package doesn't know anything about
acquisition-wrapped objects:  fixing this issue there would require
adding either a dependency on 'Acquisition' (a bad idea, I think) or
else adding logic like the 'im_func' bit which peeled away 'aq_self'
until all wrappers were gone (using knowleged of Acquisition's API /
semantics without importing it).

The Zope2-specific version of 'mapply()' (in 'ZPublisher.mapply') is the
right place to fix this issue, if it is to be fixed:  it could ensure
that the acquisition wrapper was stripped away before calling

P.S. This issue is off-topic for the ZODB list:  I have cross-posted
     to 'zope-dev':  please follow up there.

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