Hi all

I was trying to move a database copy a relstorage zodb and having some
issues.  The original zodb is mounted using a mount point /original_path
If I restore the backup of the database and mount it using exactly the same
mount point /original_path in the destination zope, all goes right.   But
what I want is to replicate the original database N times, so need to have
/destination_pathN in the mount point.  When I do that, the database seems
empty (no object is shown in the mounted point).

Is there any way to fix this updating registers in SQL ?   I know a way to
solve it might be to export and import ZEXP, but the database is very big
and I'm trying to avoid it  I've tried these 2 queries but no effect
obtained, these fields seems just informative:

update transaction set description=replace(description::text,
'helpdesk_src', 'redesistemas')::bytea;
update transaction set username=replace(username::text, 'helpdesk_src',

Where is stored the information about parent -> children objects ?  Is the
prev_tid field of object_state table ?

Thanks in advance
Santi Camps
KMKey hacker (http://www.kmkey.com)
Earcon S.L. (http://www.earcon.com)
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