On 04/24/2011 03:36 AM, Nikolaj Groenlund wrote:
> I guess this is a python path problem (on FreeBSD 8.1).
> Im trying to convert a Data.fs to Postgresql using zodbconvert. Ive 
> downloaded RelStorage-1.5.0b2 and is running:
> /usr/local/Plone/Python-2.6/bin/python zodbconvert.py fstodb.conf
> , to use the version that Plone is running with.
> The error I get:
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>    File "zodbconvert.py", line 22, in<module>
>      from persistent.TimeStamp import TimeStamp
> ImportError: No module named persistent.TimeStamp

This is not a good way to run it.  The error you got is only the first 
of many.

Did you add RelStorage to your buildout.cfg?  Once you did that, did you 
get a "zodbconvert" command built for you in /usr/local/Plone/zinstance/bin?

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