> I suspect either one is so fast that the speed of Redis or Memcached is 
> irrelevant.  If you want speed, minimize the latency of the *network*, 
> and that means getting good network hardware.

Since we are talking about speed, does anyone have any tips on making
ZODB (in general) faster? In our project, the DB is apparently the
bottleneck, and we are considering implementing a memcache layer in
order to avoid fetching so often from DB. However, we were also
wondering if we could in some way take advantage of different computer
hardware - since the ZEO server is mostly single-threaded we thought of
getting a machine with higher clock freq and larger cache rather than a
commodity 8-core server (which is what we are using now).
Any tips on the kind of hardware that performs best with ZODB/ZEO? Are
there any adjustments that can be done at the OS or even application
layer that might improve performance?



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