at work, we use Zodb to store data. I have found that `file` (the
classic Unix tool) doesn't detect properly the database. I fixed
easily this problem by inserting this line in /etc/magic:
0       string  FS21    Zope Database (data)

Then, in a terminal, I have this behaviour:

stephane@foehn:~$ file -m magic demo.db
demo.db: Zope Database (data)

It's what I wanted. Now, I plan to send it to the maintainer of `file`
in order it will be available to every one in the future. To this
goal, I have several questions:

 - Is there a better mailing list for this topic?
 - Do you think improvements about this line (improvement in the
description, support other versions of Zodb, etc.)?
 - Other remarks?

Thanks for all your work,
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