On Oct 20, 2011, at 7:23 AM, Malthe Borch wrote:

> ... but I simply can't see how I can *add* <filestorage> for changes.
> Here's my hierarchy:
>  <demostorage>
>    <before>
>      <zeoclient>
>         ...
>      </zeoclent>
>    </before>
>  </demostorage>
> In which of these section can I add a storage for changes? As far as I
> can tell from the documentation, demostorage only takes a read-only
> base storage and keeps its own changes in memory.

It looks like this:

    <before base>
      before 2011-10-20 # or startup, or 2011-10-20T10:00 (UTC time)
        server ...
        read-only true
        blob-dir ... # blob **cache** dir
    <filestorage changes>
      path ...
      blob-dir ...  # real blob dir

The before storage must be named "base" and the filestorage must be named 



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