Hi Jeff,

> I'd like to add something to our application framework code so that when
> page messages are displayed to the user (simple messages like 'saved
> changes' or 'deleted xxxx') that they are also added to the transaction
> description (using the 'note' method on transactions).
> My question is: Will using transaction 'note' in a non-writing transaction
> cause a record to be written out when using FileStorage and/or ZEO?

In short, no. Longer answer: I'm assuming by 'non-writing transaction' you
are meaning a transaction which has been abort() or doom() -ed. If you
mean instead an 'empty' transaction that has no actual changed data, but
which still calls 'commit()'; then the answer is still 'no' and the reason
is simple - against which database would the note be written?

Darryl Dixon
Winterhouse Consulting Ltd
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