On 11/17/2011 10:16 AM, Войнаровський Тарас wrote:
> Convert took around 2 hours and the speed is realy bad. I tried
> iterating through all objects, by using the findObjectsProviding of
> zope.app.generations and it took 600 seconds, in contrast to the 20
> seconds with FileStorage.
> The cache works good though (nearly the same results at single object
> geting multiple times).
> Maybe mysql set up needs some configuration, that I'm not aware of? Some
> indexes maybe...

I think you misunderstood: FileStorage is known to be faster than 
RelStorage (except when starting up a large database). However, 
FileStorage can not be used by multiple instances without ZEO. For a 
fair comparison, you should set up ZEO on the same hardware and see how 
it fares.

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