Hi everyone,

I am usually not doing this, but here it goes.

Chris made a very sensible proposal on python-dev about support u'' literals 
again in Python 3.3 so that porting our libraries becomes easier. Since some 
of the heavy-weight Pytohn Devs take a purist stand on this (voting -1), I 
think it would be great if some other people chime in and support this  
proposal (and possibly similar ones in the future).

Chris has been helping us out a lot getting started to port our libraries to 
Python 3. I trust that if he makes a proposal on Python-Dev that it is coming 
from a lot of painful experience.

So, if you are also on Python-Dev, write a response or two (or more) to the 
thread and let your voice be heard!


PS: Plone guys, feel free to open the Plone floodgates too. :-)
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