Op 09-12-11 22:49, Raoni Castro schreef:
Hi all,

Sorry if I'm asking this in the wrong place.

I've a production site running in ha with plone 4.1.0 with zeo running
in other machine. The site was  installed from unified installer and my
blobstorage cache started to grow too much.

I saw that version 4.1.8 of plone.recipe.zope2instance provided
zeo-client-blob-cache-size, so I updated this recipe to this version in
the development instance for testing and ran buildout with the following
configuration changes (in the zeo client):

zodb-cache-size = 5000
zeo-client-cache-size= 8 MB
zeo-client-blob-cache-size = 15 MB

Disk size is cheap. I suggest increasing this to a few hundred MB or maybe even a few GB if you have lots of data. Otherwise you will get a lot of traffic between your zeoclient and server.

blob-storage = ${buildout:directory}/var/filestorage/blobstorage
shared-blob-dir = off

But, the folder ${buildout:directory}/var/filestorage/blobstorage
already holds more than 28 MB.

Have I done something wrong? Can someone please point me to the right path?

I don't notice any glaring errors. Are you sure it is not just one large 28 MB file?

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