Many thanks, this helps to clear things up.

Those new features look great.  We do store a few large objects so I
will look at moving them over to blobs.


On Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 9:17 AM, Hanno Schlichting <> wrote:
> Paul Warner <paul.warner <at>> writes:
>> We have been running an in house application on ZODB 3.8.2 and
>> recently upgraded to 3.10.5.  We run a ZEO server with FileStorage.
>> It seems like everything works great, no actions on our part, but I
>> wondered if it is suggested to some how migrate the on disk
>> FileStorage to take advantage of new features or optimizations in
>> 3.10?
> The format and data in the file storage has stayed exactly the same for quite
> some time, so no migration is necessary. For 3.10 the index file format
> (data.fs.index) has changed, but this has happened transparently.
> ZODB 3.8 introduced experimental support for blobs (binary large objects), 
> which
> have gotten stable and production ready with 3.9. There's no good 
> documentation
> for them, but z3c.blobfile might serve as an example
> ( If you have any 
> data
> that's bytes of 1mb or more each, you should investigate blobs. Not having to
> load all that data into the ZODB caches alone is really helpful, not to 
> mention
> the various nice effects of having a smaller main file storage or the various
> supported backends for blobs.
> Apart from those, there's been a multitude of new config options listed in the
> changelogs ( and
> It's hard to tell, if any of
> those would be helpful in your particular case.
> Hanno
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