> I use 4 processes with 7 threads each for serving data

Any reason for 7 threads?  Try 1 thread?  Is it a classical web application? Or
you creating threads in your application?

> WSGIDaemonProcess doba.ua user=www group=www processes=4 threads=7
> maximum-requests=2000000
> I have little space on /tmp partition, so the cache of ZEO is only 40 MB

You can change the tmp location in Python by setting TMPDIR environment variable
for your process.

I would advise against persistent disk cache and increase the ZODB
cache-size. If you
are using latest ZODB you can use the cache-size-bytes which mostly
works.  You can
set it so zodb cache for each process will not exceed, say, 512MB.

> I can't find any ther explanation, that ZEO does not handle the load well
> enough.

If your ZEO server process is not bottlenecking -  it is your application.

> Does someone see any way to ease the load?

dont know your application but it is doubtful that ZODB is your bottleneck.

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