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> > So an error is raised and logged, but with the cache being cleared so
> that
> >> on the second try it reconnects?  My rational for this change is that If
> >> your doing a hot failover that means that a) something bad has happened
> to
> >> main server and the recovery of those transactions probably won't
> happen any
> >> way or b) it happened during a maintenance window/the failover is
> happening
> >> for convenience and any difference between the two servers are probably
> >> minor, such as session data.  With b. the server admin would be in the
> >> position to restore the main server anyways.
> >Sounds reasonable.  Does the "drop rather than verify" feature get
> verified when
> >connecting to a new replica? Should it?
I was thinking that it would be True of False from configuration with the
current behavior(drop == False) being the default.  So in practice,
verification happens on startup of the zeo client.

> >Alan Runyan
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