On Tue, Aug 07, 2012 at 08:46:58PM -0300, Matias Pansa wrote:
> I'm developing a web app using flask - zodb (zeo) and gunicorn as
> server , i'm facing the following problem :
> from a server that i wrote i'm recieving data from internet of some
> gps and the same server store the data via zeo client , here
> everything is ok , i can check the data with "vista.py" script tha
> simply connects via zeo client and get the results from the database ,
> the data class is "Posicion" and represents a gps position in time ,
> all the objects are stored correctly.i check almos
> When i try to do the same thing from inside tha flask app running
> gunicorn all i get in the resultset of data from zeo are broken
> objects with no class so i can't access any attributes or methods of
> the class "Posicion" .
> My question is , could this problem be related to zeo or zodb ? , or i
> keep looking to gunicorn/flask problem ? , i check almost everything
> that's why i'm asking here.

A broken object means the class could not be imported using its full
dotted name (package.module.ClassName).  Check your Python path.

I may also be worth checking if the objects are saved using the correct
package/module, and not, say, '__main__'.

Marius Gedminas
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