On 20.09.2012, at 12:27, Sanjay Rao wrote:

> I am trying to copy selective objects from one database to another database. 
> we are using following functions to accomplish this.
> ZODB.Connection.Connection.ExportFile
> ZODB.Connection.Connection.ImportFile
> In this process destination file become very large after copy operation, plus 
> it takes a lot of memory.
> for example 
> source database size is 500 MB
> initial destination database size is 700 MB
> finally destination database size become around 20GB. After packing the final 
> database it came to normal size but 
> - Sometime it creates disk space issue on machine
> - It consumes a lot of memory
> Is somebody aware of any solution to this problem ? 
> Thanks a lot in advance.

I think the solution is to provide enough disk space and memory. You may also 
want to check out RelStorage which has different resource usage patterns than 


Stefan H. Holek

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