On 2013-01-14 20:33:25 +0000, Marius Gedminas said:

On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 01:32:07PM -0500, Tres Seaver wrote:
While working on preparation for a Py3k port, I've stumbled across a
fundamental issue with how ZODB structures its API.  Do we intend that
client code do the following::

from ZDOB import DB, FileStorage
db = DB(FileStorage('/path/to/Data.fs'))

ZODB.FileStorage is a module, you can't call it.

ZODB.DB, much to my surprise, refers to the ZODB.DB.DB class.  A
backwards compatibility thing maybe?

or use the module as a facade ::

import ZODB
db = ZODB.DB(ZODB.FileStorage.FileStorage('/path/to/Data.fs'))

This rings warning bells in my mind: if you're using the
ZODB.FileStorage module, you should import it directly:

    import ZODB
    import ZODB.FileStorage
    db = ZODB.DB(ZODB.FileStorage.FileStorage('/path/to/Data.fs'))

I would actually prefer that clients explicitly import the intermediate

from ZDOB import DB, FileStorage
db = DB.DB(FileStorage.FileStorage('/path/to/Data.fs'))

(I'm not a fan of this style, but never mind that.)

or even better::

from ZDOB.DB import DB
# This one can even be ambiguous now
from ZODB.FileStorage import FileStorage
db = DB(FileStorage('/path/to/Data.fs'))

This is what I usually do.

I don't get the ambiguous comment.  ZODB.DB is (currently) always the
class[1].  ZODB.FileStorage is always the module.

  [1] I think (currently) the only way to refer to the ZODB.DB module is
  to use sys.modules['ZODB.DB']:

    >>> import ZODB
    >>> ZODB.DB
    <class 'ZODB.DB.DB'>

    >>> from ZODB import DB
    >>> DB
    <class 'ZODB.DB.DB'>

    >>> import ZODB.DB
    >>> ZODB.DB
    <class 'ZODB.DB.DB'>

The driver for the question is getting the tests to pass under both
'nosetests' and 'setup.py test', where the order of module imports etc.
can make the ambiguous cases problematic.  It would be a good time to do
whatever BBB stuff we need to (I would guess figuring out how to emit
deprecation warnings for whichever variants) before releasing 4.0.0.

Can you demonstrate the ambiguity?  As I've shown before, I was unable
to find it, at least with Python 2.x.

I've just skimmed this and can add that when experimenting with ZODB, I found that whatever I was inclined to do while experimenting (i.e. without documentation) was never what the documentation recommended. In other words, I found the API awkward (in some way that I can't recall at the moment).

The best non-awkward, documented way I found was (from an old IBM article):

- https://raw.github.com/aclark4life/zodb_test/master/zodb_test.py


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