Hi there!

I hav a relstorage with mysql backend that grew out of bounds
and we're looking into different backend solutions now. Possibly
also going back to FileStorage and using zeo...

Anyway we'll have to convert the databases at some point. As these
are live DBs we cannot shut them down for longer than the
ususal maintenance interval during the night, so for maybe 2-3h.

a full conversion process will never complete in this time so
we're looking for a process that can split the conversion into
two phases:

1. copy transactions from backup of the source db to the destination
   db. this can take a long time, we don't care. note the last
   timestamp/transaction_id converted.
2. shut down the source db
3. copy transactions from the source db to the destination db, starting
   at the last converted transaction_id. this should be fast, as only
   a few transactions need to be converted, say < 1% .

if i would reimplement copyTransactionsFrom() to accept a start
transaction_id/timestamp, would this result in dest being an exact
copy of source?

source = open_my_source_storage()
dest = open_my_destination_storage()
last_txn_id = source.lastTransaction()

source = open_my_source_storage()
# add some transactions

source = open_my_source_storage()
dest = open_my_destination_storage()
dest.copyTransactionsFrom(source, last_txn_id=last_txn_id)

thanks in advance and best regards,
Jürgen Herrmann
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