Hi friends,

I'm trying to work with ZODB. (!)

Coming from durus development since a couple of weeks, I am
spoiled by simplicity.

Actually, I'm annoyed by durus' incapability to accept patches,
so I'm considering to put my efforts into ZODB.

On the other hand, ZODB tries to become small and non-intrusive,
but looking at its imports, this is still not a small package, and I'm
annoyed of this package as well.

- missing

   the zc.zlibstorage module is missing, IMHO.

   besides that, zc.zlibstorage was not maintained since quite a while
   and imports ZOPE3.

- bugs

installing ZODB on OS X still gives complaints after Marius' latest patch which
   did not cover it all. It works, so this is a minor issue.

- discussion

   zc.zlibstorage requites a wrapper to add it to filestorage.
   I consider this an option, instead, and a simple boolean flag to switch
   it on and off.
   The module is way too simple to add all this config extra complication
   to even think of it.

- proposal:
   let me integrate that with ZODB and add a config option, instead of
   a wrapper.

* this is just the beginning of a series of proposals to ZODB.
  I would love to use it if it was as small as it claims to be.
  Or tries to be. There are serious flaws that voiden this nice attempt.

At the moment, I'm considering to re-package everything into a really
isolated, single package. This is my major reason why I worked on Durus.
My reason to go back to ZODB is the better code.
But be warned, there are bugs in the BTrees package, which I will report next time.

Meant in a friendly, collaborative sense -- Chris

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