I'm not sure if this is a bug or a misconfiguration but I'm getting some really 
slow page generation times. I profiled it and a lot of time is spent in 
rollback which seemed odd.

 Ordered by: internal time
   List reduced from 2017 to 100 due to restriction <100>

   was called by...
       ncalls  tottime  cumtime
{method 'rollback' of '_mysql.connection' objects}                              
   <-     148    3.642    3.642  connmanager.py:89(restart_load)
          147    3.613    3.613  storage.py:230(_rollback_load_connection)
   <-      40    6.470    6.478  transformer.py:24(__call__)
{method 'query' of '_mysql.connection' objects}                                 
   <-     148    3.661    3.661  cursors.py:277(_do_query)

The page itself is just a normal page, no writes involved. The mysql server is 
replicated master-slave.

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