Op 28-08-13 19:07, Sean Upton schreef:
I am seeing something curious on a new Zope2 deployment (2.13.21, Plone
4.3) where ZODB attempts to release a storage on Control+C shutdown of a
foregrounded zope2 instance, but a connection has a _storage attribute
equal to None, thus this traceback:


This is Zope 2.13.21, ZODB 3.10.5, transaction 1.1.1, RelStorage 1.5.1
on Python 2.7 (my build) on Ubuntu 10.04 AMD64.

I am thinking this might be related to this Zope2 commit:


This seems benign, but I wanted to verify?

I see the same on one site when I am developing on it, which is on RelStorage, like yours. I have not seen bad behavior because of this and do not see it on production.

I am using Postgres as database and thought it might be some misconfiguration there. I already had to update some defaults because IIRC after a short while no connections were free anymore.

Versions are similar, but some are slightly older: Zope2 2.13.19, ZODB3 3.10.5, transaction 1.1.1, RelStorage 1.5.0, Python 2.7, Plone 4.2.4. In my case it is on Mac OSX 10.8.4, so that would mean it is not OS dependent.

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