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> Hi,
> I saw me subscribed to zc.beforestorage , today.

Congratulations! ;)

> If I'm not mislead, versions are no longer supported in 4.0, or
> is this still a supported approach?

"versions" were removed in 3.9.

> I think history should not depend on having pack()'ed or not,
> but an explicit snapshot feature that puts a set of objects
> into some history object.

<shrug>  That would be a new feature.  One I've even contemplated,
sort of, in a notional FileStorage2 design that stores data in a
sequence of files, which would allow point-in-time snapshots.

> Has that been discussed, and can someone please point me at it?

Undoubtably, but I can't think of an instance in particular.

beforestorage takes advantage of the fact that most ZODB storage
implementations keep a limited sequence of transactions to provide
a limited form of time travel and, most importantly, to provide a temporary
snapshot of a database that's being written, mainly for use with


Jim Fulton
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