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    Anyone experienced similar problems packing large relstorage databases?
    The graph traversal takes a really long time. maybe we can improve that
    by storing additional information in the relational database?

You should (at least initially) pack *without* GC (set pack-gc true to
false); I packed a humongous RelStorage-backed database before, and
packed to earlier dates in the past first to minimize the amount of data
removed in a single transaction.

Only when we were down to a reasonable size database did we enable
garbage collection.

Thanks Martijn for the hint, but we are using a history free database, so growing does only happen by deleted objects in our case.

When in history free mode, is it possible to detect deleted objects at store-time? This way we could add the zoid at store time to a objects_deleted table in order to clean them up later.

Another way to speed up graph traversal would be to store the object-references in a field of object_state. At the moment we have to read the pickle in order to get the referenced zoids. Storing additional - redundant - information might be not perfect, but it would allow to pack/gc the database without any knowledge about the state objects structure, i.e. using a stored procedure.

I would like to know what the relstorage experts think about this ideas.

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