Hi all,

It needed time and obstinacy to find how to write a test that triggers the same POSKeyError during commit as triggered by some Plone 3 to 4 migrations.

For more details about the error, see http://rpatterson.net/blog/poskeyerror-during-commit

The test is now pushed to the 3.10 branch on github :


The fix is pushed as well.


Both commits are referenced in an issue

I have a request and a question :

- Can we get a new 3.10.X release (iow 3.10.6) with the fix ?

I am happy to do it myself if needed.

- As the test above depends on Acquisition (which is not ported to Python 3), what should be the strategy to include my work in master ? Pull the fix only ? Pull the fix and do some magic with the test so that it runs only in Python 2 ? Other suggestion ?

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