I've created a new ZODB mailing list via google groups:


I've done this for 2 reasons:

- We're having some difficulty managing mail.zope.org.

  Currently, there are some issues (certificate related?) that
  are causing mail to bounce.  This is causing the membership
  in this list to slowly erode.

  This is fixable by someone with knowledge of email arcana
  or someone willing to spend the time to learn about it.

  Personally, I have better things to do, and no one else
  in the Zope Foundation has stepped forward, so ...

- I also want to be more welcoming to ZODB users.

  A user-oriented list is long overdue.

  For now, we'll discuss user as well as developer issues
  on the new list. It's not like traffic has been heavy lately.

  ( I would like to know what's up with the zodb-dev
   google group.  I'm 91% sure one of *us* must have
   set it up at some point.)

In a week or so, I'll disable posts to this list, with a
notice to move to the google group.  In the mean time,
I'll post to both places.


Jim Fulton
For more information about ZODB, see http://zodb.org/

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