I have been dealing with locking issues and RelStorage for the past
few days, and want to verify what I believe is a bug:  without
RELSTORAGE_ABORT_EARLY set in environment, tpc_vote() could
potentially leave an ILocker adapter setting an RDBMS table lock
(originally set in either tpc_begin() or in _prepare_tid()) that does
not get removed.

The PostgreSQLLocker.hold_commit_lock() will get called successfully
on one thread/transaction (that likely suffers a ConflictError
sometime after tpc_begin()), but all other threads committing will get
stuck on statement execution [1], up to the point where (in my case)
all Zope2 threads on all instances are stuck there.

While I have implemented commit-lock-timeout for PostgreSQL 9.3+ in a
fork of RelStorage [2], this does not alleviate the issue of a
ConflictError in tpc_vote() neglecting to remove the RDBMS lock
(unless tpc_abort() is called on exception by tpc_vote()).

In other words, I think (unless I misunderstand) is a tpc_vote()
scenario in which ILocker adapter release_commit_locker() methods are
never called [3].

Right now I am working around this by setting RELSTORAGE_ABORT_EARLY
-- but I was under the impression that this is only intended for
testing purposes.



[1] Call stack via SIGUSR1 to an instance:


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